We strive to bring parents, teachers, students and community members together to support CVES staff, provide outstanding educational opportunities for every child, and build a strong school community.



PTSA Goals

  1. Raise money to allow us to fund teacher grants for classroom and curriculum materials, field maintenance, IA staff, recreational specialists, etc.
  2. 100% PTSA participation (either individual or family representation). Your participation is critical to ensuring we are making decisions that encompass our diverse community.
  3. Simplify communication. Providing parents timely, complete and concise information, in an easy-to-consume format, is key to successful events, programs and fundraising.


PTSA Achievements, in Recent Years

In 2012, the PTSA purchased The Dome, a large ropes course for the playground to challenge the older students at recess. It's been a hit for all ages!

In 2014, we began to fund the school's first art program, partnering with local Smart With Art instructors to bring a fifth specialist to the students of CVES.

In 2016, the PTSA purchased over $15,000 in alternative classroom seating and tools - like stand-up desks, wiggle seats and foot fidgets - to help create a productive learning environment for all students in the classroom.


Each year, the PTSA provides thousands of dollars in grants that teachers apply for.  Historically, these monies have been used in the following ways:

  • Technology used throughout the school: Google Chromebooks, iPads, headsets, etc.
  • Additional classroom materials such as reading books, personal dictionaries, Scholastic newsletters, etc.
  • Field trips that supplement what children have learned in the classroom, to places such as Pacific Science Center, Seattle Children's Theatre and Camp Waskowitz.
  • In-house field trips by Nature Vision & the Toy Maker.
  • Materials for special craft activities like Handmade Mugs and Woven Baskets.